Costs & Our pricing transparency Policy

From 6th December 2018, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requires all law firms to publish their transparent pricing in areas of law in which they practice and deliver their legal services. Our policy is to provide good value for money to all our clients. Where necessary we will tailor our services to suit your budget, without affecting our high standard of service.

The firm’s charges, like those of all solicitors, are based on several different factors. These include the time spent, the skills, specialized knowledge, and responsibility required of the members of the firm handling the matter, the complexity and difficulty of the matters involved, and the circumstances in which the work is carried out (for instance if due to the urgency, evening or weekend work is required or if an unusually large amount of documentation needs to be considered). The most important of these factors is the amount of time spent by members of the firm in dealing with your case. Each individual member of the firm has an hourly charge-out rate.

List of fee earner rates

The current hourly rates of our solicitors and fee earners unless otherwise agreed, are as follows:

Senior Solicitors (Grade A – more than 8 years’ experience)                  £275/hr.

Other Solicitors (Solicitors with less than 8 years’ experience)              £200/hr.

Senior Executives/Legal Executive                                                              £175/hr.

Trainee Solicitor                                                                                               £120/hr.

Admin-Staff/Secretary                                                                                     £90/hr.

Depending on the type of case you have we can offer a range of funding options which we can discuss with you at an initial consultation. Whatever funding option you choose we will be transparent about costs and keep you informed as to what your costs are at regular intervals.

Pay as you go

To suit your budget you may wish to dip in and out of obtaining legal advice for which we can either agree on a fixed fee or an hourly rate but limited to a set fee.

Fixed Fees

In some instances, we can offer you a fixed fee and set out what work we can carry out within that fixed fee, for example for an undefended divorce. The fixed fee will depend on what work needs to be done and the seniority of the person dealing with your case. We will provide you with our list of fixed fees upon request.

Conditional Fee Agreement /Contingency Fee Agreement 

This is a way of funding a case without running the risk of facing legal costs if you lose. It means you only pay our costs which are set out in our agreement with you if you win your case and you pay us nothing if you lose. You can call us to enquire whether this is an option for your type of case.

Legal Aid

Legal aid is available in limited cases only. We can advise you at your initial free consultation as to whether legal aid is available for your type of matter and if so, whether you qualify.


As well as the charges for time spent on your matter, incidental expenses (called disbursements ) are chargeable. These may include:

  • Barrister’s fees
  • Expert fees
  • Court fees,
  • Travel expenses,
  • Courier costs

Where disbursements are to be incurred you will be consulted for your approval.